A conversation with Author Sakrant Sanu [May 31st 2020 10 AM PST]

Learning in English vs Learning English

Indic Forum users will get an exclusive opportunity to participate in an online discussion with author Sakrant Sanu moderated by Indic forum moderator Anjali Kanojia.

Event Date: May 31st 2020 10:00 AM Pacific Standard Time
Event Format: Online.
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About the topic:

Sakrant has been writing about India’s education system for a long time. His most recent book is ‘The English Medium Myth’. The medium of education is a very heavily debated topic in India (and also outside). Indians believe that to succeed in life one must go through and English medium schooling. Sakrant Sanu tells us why this is a myth and how our local languages could play a far better role in imparting science education to our children.

About Sakrant

Sankrant Sanu is the Founder and Managing Director of the Garuda Prakashan. He has spent about a decade at the Microsoft Corporation in various engineering and management roles where he co-founded Microsoft Share Point. He holds six technology-related patents from his tech career days. Since then he has been an author, columnist and entrepreneur, writing for Rediff, Dainik Jagran, Entrepreneur Magazine and many others and eventually setting up Garuda Prakashan Publications.

He is the author of the book titled “The English Medium Myth: Dismantling barriers to India’s growth.” Sankrant is a graduate of IIT Kanpur and the University of Texas at Austin. Sankrant is passionate about India’s growing presence in the world and has conducted comparative research on modes and medium of learning in native language(s) and mapped its long-term advantages.

About Dr. Anjali Kanojia

Dr. Anjali Kanojia is a founding member of the Indic Forum. She holds a PhD in Political Science and is an accomplished academician and yoga practitioner & teacher. Her education and training are in the area of public policy with a focus on health. She has extensive experience in the public sector; government, administration, university systems and helps local boards and non-profits as a consultant.

Additionally, health and yoga are her area of expertise and she a rare individual who understands Yoga from the perspective of a practitioner as well as that of an academician. Anjali is well known in Indian-American circles as an intellectual and someone keen on strengthening the Indo-US strategic partnership. She has conducted numerous events and programs to promote cultural exchange involving various well-known intellectuals. This however is the first event under Indic Forum banner.

Recorded session