Course Announcement : How the world works by Dr. Atanu Dey

Dr. Atany Dey (Economist, UC Berkley) is conducting a 10 week course titled “How the world works” for general audience. The course will be in English language and does not have any prerequisites.

The course timing is Friday night 9pm India Time.

For the details of the course please visit.


The simple fact is one can actually get along quite well without knowing how the
world works just in the same way that one can get along quite well without actually
knowing how gravity works. Even if one doesn’t know anything about gravity, one
can live a perfectly fine life just as tens of billions of humans have done before us.
Ignorance of the basic principles of how the world operates is not a serious
handicap any more than ignorance of the principles of physics is. Then, why bother
learning a few basic principles of how the world works? We will learn to
appreciate, and take delight in, how magical our world actually is, and why it is the
way it is.
There are no prerequisites for attending this course other than the desire to better
comprehend how the world works, and of course the ability to read, write and do
Course Content
I am offering this course for the first time, although I have taught most of the
several parts in various formal classroom settings. I have never offered an online
course. It will be a learning experience for me.
The core motivation for the course is to provide an introduction to how the world
works. Introductions are important but can never be comprehensive. In this
introduction, we will focus on a few essential principles that will provide the
foundation on which one can build a more comprehensive view of the world.
The focus will be mainly economic but not exclusively so. The basic principles of
economics are easy to understand but they have to be learned because most of
them are counter-intuitive.

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