India must swallow red pill on China

The brutal manner in which China killed 20 Indian soldiers is not a mere skirmish. It is a deliberate insult that China has aimed at India and Indian public. While India is not a weak country, it is not a match for China’s economic might. A war or escalating conflict hurts India lot more than China and hence India is devoid of much options.

The only way India can respond to this is by rapidly growing economically. This can only happen if India finally throws the socialist chains that ties its economy into river ganga and embraces ruthless market driven reforms.

Here are my simple recommendations:

  • Get rid of all import/export restrictions on non weapons.
  • Abolish IAS. (Do not ask what is should be replaced with, you dont replace cancer with anything).
  • Abolish National Green Tribunal.
  • Create trouble free zones. A trouble free zone will be one where government will ruthlessly enforce property rights and no activism of any sort will be allowed.
  • End unions in all national security critical organizations such as Border Roads Org, OFB, HAL, DRDO etc.
  • Land reforms. All farmers must be given unfettered rights on their own land where they could convert it to non agricultural land if they wish to without need for any permissions.
  • Open up education sector for private and for-profit players. This should mean we should have private school boards, one building universities and end of minority/majority differentiation in the law.

Can Indians swallow this red pill ?