IndicForum Event: What is Vaastu ? Interview with Sashikala Ananth : July 31st Friday 6:30pm PST

The Perspective:

The Vaastu Shilpa Shastra is one of the oldest design systems in the world.The great cities of Ayodhya, MohenjoDaro, and Lanka were designed on its principles.

The Vaastu Shilpa Shastras are a compendium of architecture and sculpture that goes back to the Buddhist era in written records, and pre date this by hundreds of years in its understanding.

The knowledge base is available in 64 texts known as the Vaastu Shilpa Shastras. In addition to this, there are scores of texts in various languages of the Indian sub-continent.


Friday 6:30pm July 31st Pacific Time. (For those in India this is on Saturday August 1st 7 am)

Vaastu-shastra often is misunderstood. Ancient India has been home to amazing architectural marvels, well planned cities and thoughtful designs focusing in comfort., hygiene and aesthetics. This was not a coincidence but the art of architecture was a formal discipline called vaastu-shastra which encoded the wisdom people had learned over generations.

Sashikala Ananth has conducted numerous talks and workshops around this topic and has studied the original texts on the subject. Being an architect herself she is in a position to talk about the subject in a modern perspective while staying faithful to the original text.

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