IndicForum Resume Clinic : Get noticed by recruiters

In these uncertain times finding a job can be hard. First step in any job search is preparing a high quality resume that correctly reflects you strengths and is noticed by recruiters.

IndicForum has partnered with engineering leaders who have worked for companies like Google Facebook etc. in past and currently working to help you.

IndicForum Resume Clinic

Share your resume with us. We will give you actionable feedback on your resume. This is a one-on-one feedback were our engineers will read through your resume carefully and give you comments to improve it and get noticed. Remember, the people who are giving you feedback themselves have worked for top companies in silicon valley and have also hired hundreds of individuals themselves. They know the basic principles of hiring.

What is the catch

  • There is no catch. We are not charging anything for this.
  • We will not share your resume with anyone except the reviewer.
  • You may replace your real name with fake name and address for the sake of privacy.

How do I do this?

Make sure your resume is either a Google Doc or Word doc. Without this we can not really provide you feedback.

Thank you for reviewing my resume. I did not realize it had so many problems. It does look much much better now. Thank you once again.

Note to others. This is helpful. No matter how good your resume already is, they can make it better.

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