Presidential elections 2020 : What do results mean for Indians in USA?

At the time of writing this Joe Biden is the projected winner of the elections with around 306 electoral votes, where as the incumbent Donald Trump has vowed to fight the results in courts.

Donald Trump’s last 4 years have delivered mixed results for Indian community in USA. On one hand, Trump seems to have stuck to basic conservative agenda of lowering the taxes and less regulation in general. Trump has not bought into climate change paranoia and also withdrew from Paris climate accord. All of this would have meant well for American industry and corporations and in turn the wealthier population in USA where majority of Indian-Americans fall into.

Where as Trumps immigration Tsar Stephen Miller launched an unprecedented war on immigrants both legal and not so legal immigrants. Skilled immigration is the primary channel of immigration into USA for Indians. Over half million Indians are stuck in what is called a “green card backlog” which is due to some of the racist immigration laws of USA. Stephen Miller followed a scorched earth policy where they constantly changed regulations creating an environment of uncertainty, blamed perfectly legal immigrants for all sort of things including non existent unemployment and covid, tried to separate their family and in general turned USCIS into a very incompetent agency that now takes years to process applications that would have otherwise taken few weeks.

Biden’s victory might most certainly come as relief to Indian immigrants in USA as this would mean Stephen Miller’s ouster from the government. But on other hand, it is not clear if Biden would be much different. The level of caprice in Biden administration might be lower, but the Democratic candidate has shown enough signals that while he favors DACA and other illegal immigrants, he is mostly opposed to legal immigration from Asian countries.

Kamal Harris claimed her Indian heritage during the recent election season and she is also the main sponsor of pro-fairness bill S386 but other she has not really expressed any views on the plight of Indian immigrants under Trump administration.

Democratic party is a party of victimhood where as Republican party has become a party of white rage against everyone else. Either ways Indian immigrations finds themselves in a difficult situation in USA where they are likely to be ill treated no matter who wins.

Time will tell more.


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Greatbong has done an excellent job of describing trump.

I found Trump weird but not for the reason the liberal and left leaning media found him weird.

Trump did not seem to focus much on GOP’s historical ideas but came up with the new motto of “white angst”. Now we need to see if this is something that will stick even after Trump has left office.