Project: She Is

Project: She Is

Project She-Is is to look into the abuses of women from all walks of life, and expressing their silent voices that are glass-shatteringly loud and heart penetratingly sharp. We present their voices through the book titled: She Is.

The mission of this project is to touch individuals’ inner emotion through the vivid representation of abuses of women. We have used the works of artist Phauzdar who dedicated his entire life in expressing the soundless voices of the women Mr. Phauzdar persistently has been raising his voice for the past four decades through his artworks. With his artworks and their narratives, we present his voice that resonates with the voices of many. Please use the link below for an excerpt from the book.

This 256-page book contains 103 artworks, and multiple other images.

Each plate in this book is a story of wrongdoings that endured by not one, not two, but thousands of thousands women. Each plate speaks for them to us to remind us that we have still a long way to go into making our society more just. We must change, and change soon as a whole society.

The attitude towards woman has to be clear and unambiguous. She forms the foundation of our society. If we destroy the status, education and dignity of woman, we will destroy the society.

If we want to form a society that stands up to the highest echelon of principles and nobility, bestow highest glory to a woman and let her possess knowledge, dignity and leadership.

Please give us your views and opinions of this project. Also help us on how to bring this one-of-a-kind Collectible book to a larger audience.

Support this project and reserve a copy for yourself and make a donation to Takshila Foundation [501©3 ]:

Thank you.

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Excellent project! Takshila. Will share this with my friends.


This is a great work around increasing awareness of sexual abuse.