Review: American Horror Story : 1984 (Season 9)

For those who have loved the horror from the 80s, American Horror Story would feel like pure nostalgia.

American Horror Story is based in 1984 and has all the cliches that dominated horror genre of those times. A bunch of carefree youngsters going to a remove cabin in the woods for a “camp”. The entire season is about one night.

The Redwoord camp has a dark history where Mr. Jingles a serial killer killed a ton of teenagers camping in the camp. 17 years later the camp has reopened for the first time and a bunch of our youngsters find themselves there as councilors. Mr. Jingles escapes and come back to the camp along with a satan worshipping serial killer.

What happens after that is the sheer weirdness. You have heads being cutoff, ears being sliced, giant dick jokes, pulp fiction homages and lot more.

This series of American Horror Story is devoid of actual horror and rather feels a bit like an ode to the horror movies of past.