Senate passes S386, an important bill for Indian immigrants in USA

US Senate today passed S386 an important bill that impacts positively Indian immigrants in USA who are stuck in backlog. The House version of the bill HR1044 was already passed an year ago.

This will help Indians be treated fairly like all other nationals and receive their orders in the order they were approved instead of having a per country quota applied to them. There are over 500K Indians stuck in this backlog as of today.

S386 was championed by Republican Senator Mike Lee of Utah and the HR1044 was championed by San Jose’s Democratic Congresswoman Zoe Lofegren. This is considered to be one of the few extremely bipartisan bills to have been passed in Congress in entire history of US congress.

The next steps:

The Senate version is slightly different from the house version. Very likely the Senate bill will be passed again in house and then sent to President for his signature. President Trump is believed to be a supporter of the bill however, given his inability to come on terms with his defeat one can not be sure about his signature.

However the bill has veto proof support so far which means in can be still be passed irrespective of Trump’s veto.

Immigration lawyers across the country and more specifically a certain lawyers organization in Florida is opposed to this bill because once the H1B holders receive their green cards they don’t have to renew their visa again and again. This hurts their cash cow and hence they are expected to put up a fight.

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