Shankar Abaji Bhisey: The ‘Indian Edison’ Who Dazzled The World With His Inventions

Entirely self-trained, this ace inventor from colonial-era Bombay shot to global fame with his revolutionary ‘Bhisotype.’ And yet he remains all but forgotten in his own country. Time this changed! #ForgottenHeroes #History

Unable to properly market the Bhisotype, and moving towards the occult may have unfortunately distanced scientific commentators of the time. However, the Scientific American , which he cherished as a child, had this to say about him:

“While India has achieved brilliant success in science, literature and the arts, it had given little to the world in the way of invention. Whatever may have been the opinion of the world, the work of Mr Bhise should do much to dispel the illusion.”

Unfortunately, Bhisey slipped into obscurity, but nonetheless, there is an attempt by many to revive his scientific legacy. This is just another attempt at it.

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