Talk by Raj Vedam : Science in Stories: India and Greece : July 11th 10:00 am PST

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Science in Stories: India and Greece

Date: July 11th 10:00 am Pacific Time
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The literature of ancient India and ancient Greece abound in stories of heroes, warriors, kings, sages, divinities, and supernatural beings. The casual reader dismisses these as entertaining, but silly myths of a primitive people. A deeper reading shows the use of encoded metaphors that communicate some wisdom – moral, common sense, or observational knowledge. Unlocking the wisdom in the stories requires appreciation of the metaphors and cultural and historical context. Raj Vedam discusses selected stories from ancient India and ancient Greece and unlocks the wisdom that they encode.

About Dr. Raj Vedam

Raj Vedam holds a doctoral degree in Electrical Engineering, and has many years of multi-disciplinary work experience in diverse industries including power, aircraft, electronic design automation, and oil & gas. With several journal and conference papers and patents, he is an innovation leader, with strong interest in multiple areas of technology. His current professional interests include optimization, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

As a scientist, Raj Vedam researches the roots of modern sciences, mathematics and technology, a quest that led him to study the histories of Babylon, Greece, Egypt, Rome, China, Hittites, Mitanni, and Arabs. Whereas Western narratives favor the origin of astronomy and math (among other fields) as having originated outside India and imported into India during various invasions, Raj Vedam’s multi-disciplinary studies using data from several published sources reveal otherwise. His research proposes an ancient Indian civilization that made great advances in several fields of knowledge.


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