Welcome to IndicForum

Indic Forum is a community of people from all around the world interested in values which emanate from the Indian Subcontinent. Click to know more. The Forum is focused on inviting those individuals who are making an enormous contribution towards India’s soft power.

  • What is the purpose of Indic Forum?

We realize that free speech is important. There is a need for truthfulness along with free speech. Traditional social media is designed to make money by generating activity and often these companies suppress viewpoints that they do not agree with. Indic Forum is a portal – yours and ours – where ideas can be shared freely. We believe that discussions important to dharma and the plural civilization of India should be discussed in a safe environment without imposed censorship.

  • What exactly is ‘Indic?’

This term is being widely used for a variety of purposes. We use ‘Indic’ as a very broad term which encompasses Indian traditions, culture, practices, beliefs, rituals, philosophies, the arts, music, dance forms, festivals, political systems, governance, as well as discussions and debates relevant to highlighting, promoting and preserving the best aspects of our civilization.

  • What type of content is not encouraged here?

We do not wish to encourage the type of noise seen on Twitter or Facebook. The purpose of this Forum is to have civilized and constructive discussions and avoid flame wars. We discourage folks from posting news and questions that will lead to disharmony between members. We also wish to discourage biased and one-sided discussions.

Encouraged: We encourage original writing. This includes book reviews, long-form posts, analysis on topics or policies, and other creative works such as poetry, creative writing as well as videos. We encourage writing in all, traditional, Indian languages.

Discouraged: Posting only links but no original commentary.
Strictly forbidden: Viral messages from Facebook and WhatsApp are strictly forbidden unless you are the original author. Viral messages are often inflammatory. Make sure your content is not of that form.